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Helpful Information

The New Standard in Funeral Service

Government Resources

Social Security Administration

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

Marquette County Register of Deeds
Bette Krueger
P.O. Box 236
77 W Park Street, Room 106
Montello, WI 53949
Phone: 608-297-3025

Marquette County Veterans Affairs Officer

Don Wilken
P.O. Box 214
480 Underwood Avenue
Montello, WI  53949
Phone 608-297-3182
Fax 608-297-9161

Adams County Register of Deeds
P.O. Box 219
402 Main Street
Friendship, WI 53934
Phone  608-339-4206
Fax  608-339-4514

Adams County Veterans Service Office
P.O. Box 474
108 E. North Street
Friendship, WI 53934
Phone  608-339-4221
Fax  608-339-4574

Local Resources

Montello Rotary

Marquette County Tribune 

Oxford Area Chamber of Commerce

Montello Chamber of Commerce

Budda-Box Fight Against Cancer

Other Resources

National Funeral Directors Association

Wisconsin Funeral Directors Association

Homesteader Life Insurance Company

Rotary International